200 East 33rd Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tamara Dulan

Dr. Tamara Miles-Dulan was born in Los Angeles California. A graduate of Westchester High School in Los Angeles California, Dr Dulan entered Howard University and graduated with a degree in dental hygiene. In the fall 1990, Dr. Dulan attended The University of Maryland Dental School and graduated with a doctor of dental surgery degree in 1994. In 2000 Dr. Dulan purchased her very own dental practice in Essex Maryland. For the next 13 years Dr. Dulan built a family oriented state of the art dental practice. In addition, Dr. Dulan taught at the University of Maryland Dental School as a clinical instructor on a part time basis. In 2013, Dr. Dulan sold her dental practice.

Dr. Dulan is currently part of Spectrum Dental at Union Memorial Hospital with Dr Katherine Collier and Associates. As the primary dentist at Spectrum Dental, she brings 19 years of experience, excellent clinical judgment and an expanded array of dental skills. These skills include advanced dental training in orthodontics and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, oral surgery, root canals and prosthetic dentistry.


Our Team

The staff at Spectrum Dental include highly experienced and compassionate dentists and hygienists. Their diverse and impressive backgrounds gives them the ability to offer treatment in a lot of different situations.